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On these following pages I would like to give you a short impression of my work:

  • Sculptures in various material
  • Creation of objects for house and garden

I focus all my energy on creating new objects and sculptures.

There are no limits to the material but I prefer natural products like metal, wood, stone and water.

I can also reproduce your ideas from plans or drawings. For the 20th anniversary of the Tollwood-Festival, I have designed and built a Japanese Pavillon, which is for rent now.

Protest against factory farming

Showing up healthy trends in consumer behavior in modern society has been a great tradition on the tollwood festival from the beginning.

Contributing to the main theme of this year's winter tollwood, critizising so-called Intensive animal farming, Adam Stubley set up a light steel interpretation of the well-known Town Musicians Of Bremen; A Fairy Tale in which aged animals decide to have a new start in their life.

Giant kaleidoscope in Munich SZ :: June 2012


This picture, taken by munich-based photographer Robert Haas, got a print in issue N° 148 (29.06.2012) of the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) Munich.

The article has been archived in german language here.

Marquee design for Munich's Summer-Tollwood :: June 2011

This years Tollwood Festival starts on June 22nd - supported by Adam! As in 2009, he took care of the decoration for the Marrakech-Marquee and the Saturn-Jazz-Lounge.

Plus, the japanese-styled Pavillon designed by Adam has found a place on Tollwood - called Unerhört Pavillon (which translates to "unheard"), it houses a sound-installation by Kalle Laar ( and Heinrich Bunzel's levitating grassballs (

» To get an impression, watch a video here: Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation

Every Thursday and Saturday from 21:30, lections are held in the pavillon - which are to speak of unheard topics.

The Tollwood Festival is open to vistors until July, 17th - and it's for free!

Saturn Jazz LoungeMarrakesch ZeltUnerhört Pavillon
Tokyo Gate


HofmarkART in Hörbach :: August 2010

Maybe you've heard about Brettl-Festival in Hörbach - celebrating 35 years of variety in Hörbach, with a great program in september.

In line with this event, HofmarkART exhibition takes place - more than 20 artists expose objects in and around Hörbach... you will find some sculptures by Adam and Albert Grau there as well. The exhibition is open until Octobre 24.

HofMarkART 2010


Links (German language):

Artist Portrait in "Augsburger Allgemeine"

ART FROM ICE at Tollwood-Festival :: December 2009

Watch Adam turning a piece of Ice into a piece of Art!

Saturday, 19.12.2009 – Sunday, 20.12.2009
Begin: 12:00 h
End: 22:00 h

At "Eisstrand" (Festival entrance)

You can find further Information about the Tollwood-Festival at


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